Tying your trench coat belt

One of our favourite ways to style a trench coat (see our article on 4 ways to style your trench coat) is to tie the belt behind your back. This has a great effect of opening the lapels down your front which gives a more slimming look. It also helps to highlight any layering you have underneath such as a sportscoat, sweater, tie and so forth. Tying your belt correctly will ensure it looks great from behind but also will allow you to adjust it a little depending on your preference on any given day. Follow the 5 simple steps below to do this. The trench in the pictures is an Aquascutum vintage trench I own although the technique doesn't vary between coats. I do find a coat with a longer belt is a little easier and you'll see in the pictures below the belt on this coat is quite short. Throughout spring an autumn, most of my ranch coats live permanently with their belts tied in this fashion.

Step 1 of tying your trench coat belt


Step 1

Start with your trench coat belt through its loops with the buckle on your left side. Lay your coat on a flat surface and cross the belt over itself with the buckle end underneath. You'll want to have a little more length to the end without the buckle.

Step 2 of tying your trench coat belt


Step 2

Next take the pointed end and fold it up and under the end with the buckle and then back down over itself as shown.

Step 3 of tying your trench coat belt


Step 3

Now fold the pointed end back under the buckle end to your right. Both the buckle end and the pointed end will be on the right hand side.

Step 4 of tying your trench coat belt


Step 4

Next fold the pointed end to the left hand side and thread it back through the loop made in the step above.

Step 5 of tying your trench coat belt

Step 5

To finish simply pull the knot tight and adjust a little to give it shape. Tightening is easiest if you hold the pointed end and the right hand side of the belt just near where it loops through the coat. This allows the knot to tighten over the end with the buckle which should be able to slide a little to adjust the tightness as you prefer.