Accessorise your wedding

Groomsmen accessories box and groom

Groomsmen accessories box

Don’t settle for standard accessories on your wedding day! Go the extra stride with a curated, Groomsmen Accessories Box that has you and your boys looking the business on this big day and leaves them with a lasting memory of being your wingmen when you need it most.

You source the suits as your foundation, and we take care of the rest! Bow ties or neck ties sourced from thousands of options around the world. Bespoke pocket squares from the finest Japanese silk, matched perfectly to your look. Other accessories such as cuff links, tie clips, and watches added to the mix as you like.

Boxes start from only $125 each.
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How does it work?


We meet with you to discuss the look you’re after and what you have in mind as your foundation, be it a suit or a more casual option such as jacket and chinos.


You give us additional details such as the look your bride is going for, her bouquet, her bridesmaids and any other details key to her look (she’s number one on the day lads!)


We source options from around the world and work with you on a number of mood boards to help you narrow down your decision.


The ReEm team will assemble your selected products into individual gift boxes for you and your groomsmen. Many clients wish to add extra items of their own to the gift boxes, such as cigars, whiskey and cologne, which we are more than happy to help facilitate.

Groomsmen bow tie

Styling support when it matters most

We all know the bride gets the attention on the day, as it should be, but wouldn't you like a little extra help just like your bride to be and her team of make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists? Allow us to give you the confidence you need on the day by adding a 2 hour styling session too your accessorising. As well as providing the accessories, we're there to help you apply them to your ensemble and look 100%. We throw in shoe shines for you and your lads as well as a relaxing drink or two before your big moment. Guaranteed to have you looking great and feeling great when she walks down the aisle.

2 hour styling session from $900.

How long does it take?

We do carry a number of stock items that may suit your look, but ideally we’d like 4 to 6 weeks to really create a bespoke look and have it ready in plenty of time before your big day. An organized groom = a happy bride to be!