4 ways to style your trench coat

Here at Re-eminent we all have our fashion addictions - that one item you just can't stop chasing even though you have plenty already. Anyone on the team here will tell you that for me this is the classic trench coat. Every year I look forward to the cooler months so I can break out my favourite coats and I'm always on the hunt for lighter versions to extend the wearing season. The great thing about a trench coat is that you can style it in a number of ways depending on your mood, ensemble or the weather. Below is our pick of ways to style your trench.

Trench belt tied back

The tie back

Probably the most iconic way to wear a trench. Tying the belt back looks great from behind and pulls the lapels of the coat open to highlight layering. It also has a slimming effect by pulling the coat in around your waste. The only draw back is once tied, if things turn cooler you usually need to untie the belt to button the coat. That said, depending on your coat and how tight you tie back its belt you may still be able to button up with the belt still tied. Not sure how to tie your belt? Read our article on tying your trench coat belt.

Trench belt pulled back

The pull back

This is a more versatile approach to the tie back and involves leaving the belt untied, reaching to your sides with each hand and pulling the belt taught in its loops to pull the coat back. This opens the lapels and slims the coat just like in the tie back but leaves the belt free if things turn cool and you decide to button up in a hurry. You'll need to pull it tight again every so often as it will come loose, but it is a style that looks a little more care-free as though you've just thrown your coat on effortlessly. Just watch the belt ends don't get caught up in your car door or similar if your coat has a long belt.

Trench coat belt to pockets

The pockets

A nice variation on the pull back is to simply roll up each end of your belt and put it into each of your side pockets. Pull it taught like in the pull back above or leave it lose as you prefer. This is a nice change if you want a cleaner look and don't want to highlight the belt so much. It's also great for long belts that you need to tuck out of the way.

Trench coat with fully tied belt

The full tie

Let's face it, this is what the trench was designed for and is your best call for when things turn really cold. Button the coat and either buckle the belt or tie in a knot. The iconic picture of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca shows Bogie using a simple overhand knot. Leave the ends draped or tuck them under the belt as you like. This is a better option for slimmer guys as if you have a bit of a stomach this can tend to highlight it. Make sure your belt aligns with the narrowest part of your waste. If your belt loops aren't in quite the right place this is a super easy fix for any tailor. We also find this style is best understood with shorter coats. Longer coats can have people unfamiliar with the trench unjustly referring to you as a flasher. Hopefully this opinion is changing though, particularly with Aquascutum's re-launch of the Bogart coat.

What about the sleeves?

One of the styles we've seen a little across social media is pulling up the sleeves to just below the elbow. Although we think this looks great in photos, we've never found in practical in day to day wear. Most coats are too thick as to make pulling the sleeves up difficult and they certainly won't stay up easily. And if the weather has warmed up, you should probably just take your coat off. That said, the best thing about fashion is being able to wear what you want how you want, so if you want to try and pull this off, then why not?